CEO Mentoring, Business Coaching, and Leadership Development are a productive relationship in which an experienced expert guides the profitable expansion of a business by building upon the existing strengths of the CEO and their organization.

CEO Mentoring, Business Coaching, and Leadership Development focus on deep listening to the CEO in order to best help them:

  • Design Effective Strategies
  • Accelerate Growth
  • Build Sustainable Success

Tom also serves as an interim CEO, a part-time CEO, and a board member of publicly held companies.

Tom’s clients are CEO’s with good companies who want to Accelerate Growth and achieve Sustainable Success. He uncovers blockages to expansion, energizes the vision and recommends creative actions for new growth. Tom is the CEO’s trusted guide, sounding board and devoted support.


Tom Zender’s unique capability as a CEO Mentor, Business Coach, and Leadership Developer integrates his successful background of leadership roles at General Electric and Honeywell, senior vice president in NYSE and NASDAQ listed corporations, CEO in small-medium businesses, startups, and a global nonprofit organization, plus:

  • Board member of NASDAQ and Toronto Stock Exchange listed corporations
  • Sustained evolution to his higher values and purpose in business and life
  • Bestselling author of business books about leadership and management
  • Weekly columnist for the Phoenix Business Journal
  • Mentor to faculty and students at Arizona State University

News to Use

Leadership Lesson: How to handle happy customers? You’re kidding by Tom Zender

Published in the Phoenix Business Journal on September 13, 2019

Sweat. You worked hard to earn as many customers as possible. Why spend additional time with them when they are already in your camp? We jump to manage unhappy customers, but we mess up by failing to manage our...

All of Tom’s Phoenix Business Journal columns can be found at Tom's Phoenix Business Journal column
The Bottom Lines Series of Books

The Bottom Lines 2019:
52 More Important Lessons in Leadership

This new book is the third in Tom Zender’s popular, The Bottom Lines: 52 Lessons in Leadership series of books. Drawn from his weekly columns in the Phoenix Business Journal, these books utilize Tom’s long experience as a successful leader at General Electric and Honeywell, a senior VP in NYSE and NASDAQ listed companies, and the CEO of midsize, small, startup, and nonprofit organizations. Easy to read, it is packed with immediately useful, practical business wisdom – and a touch of humor.

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Tom released his third book in early 2018, “The Bottom Lines 2018: 52 More Memorable Lessons in Leadership” - available on Amazon in print and as an e-book.

He published his fourth book in January of 2019, “The Bottom Lines 2019: 52 More Important Lessons in Leadership" - also available on Amazon.