The Bottom Lines 2017: 52 More Motivating Lessons in Leadership

The Bottom LinesI am a Professional CEO Mentor. I continuously meet great leaders in my work, learning valuable lessons along the way. During my business career, I have collected hundreds of business lessons from my mentors, leaders, clients, and others. These teachings are brief, simple, powerful. And immediately useful.

The Bottom Lines 2017 is devoted to sharing more of the best lessons I have learned with my readers – a wide audience of business people: leaders, managers, and you.

Rather than the typical laborious business writings that we encounter, I write in a more conversational way – because I find that business wisdom is easier and more interesting to read and remember. Brevity counts. So does a touch of humor. 

My business path began with General Electric and Honeywell, and moved through midsize and startup companies, and a global nonprofit organization. My leadership roles included CEO, senior VP, and board member in Fortune 500, NASDAQ, Toronto Stock Exchange, and other companies. 

Today I am a professional CEO Mentor & Business Coach. Additionally, I mentor Arizona State University faculty members and students who have startup businesses, as well as serving the Maricopa County Community College District. And, I write a weekly column, Leadership Lesson, for the Phoenix Business Journal.

I have had a taste of everything on the broad buffet of business. Mostly satisfying. But with some occasional heartburn, too!

The Bottom Lines 2017 includes a wide variety of lessons from different business functions. Above all, they are useful for building better business. Proven stuff.

Now, you can read and benefit from such penetrating insights as:

  • Do you have it in you to be a real leader?
  • Soul of the leader: Essence of the organization
  • Three steps to achieving Legacy Leadership
  • Discover the power of serendipitous leadership
  • What is your Listen/Talk Ratio? Good leaders listen up

Each lesson ends with a short summary. Here is the one for Three steps to achieving Legacy Leadership:

The Bottom Lines

Decide now. What is the enduring legacy that you will leave for our world? Not your values, personality, or reputation. Leave three things: indelible visions, durable teams, and stellar products. These serve others. For good.

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