Leadership Lesson: Hell in the hallway of creative change — handle it

Published in the Phoenix Business Journal on April 13, 2018

You’ve heard it. “When one door closes, another one opens.” What the originators and purveyors of this adage did not tell us is that the hallway between the two is dark and hot with fear. Can’t turn back. What happened?

We lost a job, missed a great opportunity, or a key customer left us. All doors seemingly closed, no guiding lights, and accelerating angst. Cornered.

Or so it seems. What to do while burning down the hallway – toward the next door of opportunity? 

Hallway Instructions

Here are some long-tested ways to move through this passage of change with minimum gasping and maximum grace:

Do not panic – it only makes things worse. Instead, relax and realize that this is a moment of change, a chance for creative change. Something good is gestating. Relax.

See opportunity – while the next door opening has not occurred, what would you like to see behind it? Envision it and hold on. The likelihood is that it will happen – even bigger.

No forcing it – don’t shove the door to a new possibility. Instead, allow Divine Providence to open up a perfect door from the field of all possibilities – just for you.

Take a break – this moment of shift will move more miraculously if we take our mind off it. Spend a few days to unwind, learn from the experience, be ready for a bigger door.

Test it – when you start to see some light under the next door of a greater moment, find out more about it. Is it a false alarm – or a solid possibility for you?

Communicate – talk about the situation with others you trust. Family members, friends, other work associates, mentors, and counselors. No need to be alone – get support.

Journal – many who make the passage of change keep a daily log of feelings, thoughts, ideas, dreams and desires. This fosters a more rational receptivity to new opportunities.

Practice patience –we want the process to happen quickly, but that is not always the way with change. As we keep moving through the passage, the next door will open. 

“Let it be” – Beatles’ John Lennon sang it, and it reminds us that the seeds of creative change have been sown. Now, it is time to allow the field of all possibilities to ripen.

Act on it – the new door finally opens and a new possibility appears. Be grateful for it, evaluate it, and if it resonates with your desires, take action to capture this opportunity.

The above guides will help you walk the hallway’s hot coals of change with more comfort and receptivity for an exciting, creative change.

Henry and the new door

Henry Ford declared bankruptcy in 1903. The door closed. After more failures, he walked the dark hallway, a new door opened, and Henry saw the reality of his dream emerge in the Ford Motor Company. His estimated net worth today would be $188 billion. And, his products serve millions of people globally. 

The bottom lines

Slam. A current door just closed and you lost something important. Such as a job. No going back. And you want a new, better door of opportunity to open. First, walk the dark hallway between the two doors. Follow the above Hallway Instructions for an easier walk. To your next success.

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